The criteria for Customer Institute certifications have been developed with experts, practitioners, and thought leaders from around the globe. Yet, we always strive to get better. Below you find our current certification criteria for each of our certification types, and at the end of this page we invite you to share any suggestion for the improvement of these criteria you might have.

Certification of Tools and Methods

  1. Contribution to industry practices in customer centricity.
    The extent to which your solution is using current, proven, yet innovative approaches that comply with current industry best practice or advance the same.
    • Conformity & completeness:
      Follows common customer centricity practices
    • Innovation:
      Complements existing best practices and tools, i.e. offers innovative elements or ways of application
  1. Fitness for purpose & use.
    The extent to which your solution, in its current state of development, will deliver the stated results and/or outputs in all the defined situations in an efficient and effective manner.
    • The effectiveness of solution will consistently support the achievement of the desired results / outputs in all the in-scope situations.
    • The efficiency of the solution will guarantee minimum wasted effort or expense in achieving the desired results / outputs.
  1. Predictability & accuracy.
    The extent to which the solution, in its current state, can be used to deliver the stated results and/or outputs predictably and accurately in all the defined situations.
    • The solution follows a structured approach from problem statement to solution.
    • All the components of the solution follow a logical sequence.
    • The underpinning design and structure of the tool or method will – if reliably applied – consistently deliver predictable and accurate results / outputs in all the in-scope situations.
  1. Sustainability & repeatability.
    The extent to which the certification object lends itself to be duplicated in the targeted environments by any competent practitioner and that its use will remain viable over time.
    • The tool or method is documented in such a way that makes its uses repeatable and potentially allows it to be adopted by other competent practitioners.
    • The tool or method is designed in a way that allows for sustainable use over the time.
    • The tool or method is flexible enough to be used in different environments yet within the defined scope.

Certification of Training Providers

If you seek certification as a Customer Institute Certified Training Provider, then you must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of three customer centricity related courses must meet the criteria above (see Tools & Methods above). None of the three courses may share more than 50% of the material with another one of the three courses.
  • One of the two must be a basic CX masterclass type and one must be an advanced course focusing on detailed aspects of customer centricity (e.g. ROCX, customer journey mapping, customer strategy, etc.).
  • The training institution must have a voice-of-the-customer program in place to give trainees an opportunity to provide feedback at each phase of the training delivery.
  • The training institution must have a quality assurance program in place that takes feedback from the VoC program into consideration.
  • The training institution must have a proven track record of delivering customer centricity related training.
  • The customer centricity related courses must be developed by industry practitioners with sufficient content and didactical experience.
  • There must be a minimum of two trainers available, so that one can fill-in in case the other cannot deliver a training. Both must have sufficient industry and training expertise to effectively educate trainees on the topic of customer centricity. It is not a requirement to have a course be delivered by two trainers together.
  • There must be a business continuity plan in place to deal with unforeseen disruptions impacting trainings.
  • Terms and conditions of the training provider need to provide fair rules for interaction with trainees; a conflict resolution process must be in place.

Certification of Commercial or Public Sector Organizations

Commercial and public sector organizations can be certified as Customer Institute Certified Customer Centric Organizations if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have been assessed by a Customer Institute Certified Assessment Provider using the Customer Institute Customer Centricity Assessment.
  • The assessment has been registered with the institute.
  • The results have been reported.
  • The quality assurance on the side of the institute has not resulted in any objections.
  • The following scoring thresholds have been passed:
    • Silver Certification: 700 points out of 1.000
    • Gold Certification:    800 points out of 1.000
    • Platinum Certification:  900 points out of 1.000

Call for Community Feedback on our Certification Criteria

If you are a member of the CX community and would like to submit any suggestions, comments, or additions to our certification criteria, then please use the form below. We welcome all insight you want to share, helping us to constantly improve how we acknowledge excellence in customer centricity around the globe!

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