Selected Certification Success Stories

Certifying a customer centricity related tool, method, or training recognize excellence in a very visible way. Organizations from the private and public sector as well as consultants from the CX and EX space have already benefited from these certifications in the past. Below you can find selected examples of past certifications.


Customer Experience Maturity Assessment, Customer Experience Consultancy

A comprehensive and neutral assessment of an organization’s customer centricity capabilities and maturity.

Customer Support Assessment, experience 5

A comprehensive and neutral assessment of an organization’s support capabilities and maturity.
The assessment consists of on-site audits, stakeholder interviews, together with the assessment ten key categories like efficiency, quality assurance, technology, volume reduction, measurement, customer effort, 360° customer view, and more. Read More

Customer Experience Maturity Assessment, experience 5

A comprehensive and neutral assessment of an organization’s customer centricity capabilities and maturity.
The assessment consists of on-site audits, stakeholder interviews, together with the assessment ten key categories of customer centricity. As part of the results, the client learns about the current maturity of their CX initiative and about how to further improve it. Read More

Innovation Analytics, Entrespace

An innovative approach to help organizations design and deliver memorable products and services.

Experience Design, Storyminers

Experience Design is a comprehensive approach to developing signature experiences for customer- and employee-facing situations, especially high-value encounters and moments for which the company wants to be remembered and referred. Experience Design uses a 6-part approach to ensure alignment from strategy, through organization design, to branding, and story. It consists of a robust, commercial-grade, and market-proven methodology Read More

Customer Experience Excellence Framework, Horváth & Partner GmbH

Our proven CX approach proposes five modules – Translate, Understand, Design, Enable & Evolve – that are supported by a comprehensive toolbox to accelerate project delivery: (1) Translate your corporate strategy into a customer strategy, and define your vision and goals for the customer experience, (2) Understand who your key customers are and how they interact with you, (3) Design customer focused solutions which relieve pain points or Read More

Customer Experience Advisor, Pisano Limited

Pisano offers software‐as‐a‐service solutions that help streamline experience management (both for customer experience and employee experience) for enterprise businesses in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Utility, Travel and more. Enabling businesses to increase customer retention, revenue growth, productivity and customer loyalty. While decreasing costs and IT overhead

Futurelab CXMA ‐ Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

A result of 20 years’ experience in the field, the CXMA helps companies to assess the
current level of their CX and provides the Next Best Step to level up. The CXMA is a
toolbox with several modules, so it can be up‐ and down‐scaled as needed.
The tools include:
‐ A self‐assessment questionnaire; its 25 questions carefully worded to create Read More

Awards Scoring Process, ARCET Global

ARCET Global runs a series of Customer Experience Awards across the globe. Our scoring method, model and criteria have been carefully developed to create a transparent, robust and fair scoring process. This process consists of large panels of independent judges scoring entries, in addition to the scoring model and criteria (endorsed by University of Chester). We believe this method to be market leading and worth of an accreditation.

Worldwide Contact CenterAssessment, experience5

Customer support readiness is assessed against our CS maturity model, which is based on global, multi‐industry standards. The scorecard contains ten customer centric
support competencies. Each competency is scored on a scale from 0 to 10 to determine how genuinely customer‐centric a support organization is.
In order to achieve success, this project is structured into the following phases: Read More

Experience Design, storyminers

Experience Design is the art of turning research into reality. After the numbers yet before launch, Experience Design helps organizations deliver more value to customers. Based on systems thinking, Experience Design finds moments of truth that work for customers, employees, and shareholders at the same time. Deliverables are clear, specific, and actionable. They include a leader’s operating manual for running an experience-based, customer-centric enterprise.

Future Story, storyminers

Future Story is a technique for prototyping the future state of an experience, detailing the enterprise support that will make it real. Serving as the engine that moves CX initiatives forward, Future Story sets the given circumstances (tech, culture, operations, change and
risk management, and measurements) to the ‘on’ position.
Exploring what the future might look like from their own position, gives people the opportunity to explore the
changes with greater calm and to understand what the changes mean to them.

Wow Now, HCX Framework & Training

Wow Now methodology and training help CX Pros understand, choose and pursue Happiness Driven Growth, a new life‐enriching approach empowering companies to achieve growth, productivity and prosperity by cultivating happiness.
We believe the future of CX is HCX: Human‐Centered and Happiness‐Contributing Experience. Read More

EXA ‐ Employee Experience Assessment, acrossabridge / experience5

The Employee Experience Assessment allows organizations of all kinds to conduct a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the employee experience.

It provides various measures of the employee centricity of an organization along 10 dimensions. Read More


ROCX Modeler, Critizr

A statistical tool to predict the return-on-investment for customer experience programs based on an organizations maturity. The Critizr ROCX Modeler uses an organization’s current size, revenue, CX and support spend, as well as the current maturity of the CX initiative identified by a set of standard activities performed or not performed and forecasts the bandwidth of achievable ROI with a detailed view at the impact on revenue, NPS, frequency, Read More


The tool helps users visualize and manage customer journeys fast, easily and effectively. Their goal is to make customer experience second nature to every organization and businesses that deliver world‐class experiences for their clients.
Milkymap is disruptive because, unlike other Customer Journey Mapping platforms, it works with a CX Life Cycle Model. Milkymap wants to invite as many people as possible Read More

CEMantica, CEMantica Consulting Ltd.

CEMantica is a customer journey mapping solution connected to VoC platforms that helps companies build a memorable connection with their customers. CEMantica’s solution encompasses in one solution the full process of a CX Program management starting with the CX Maturity Assessment, the definition of the Brand strategy, build personas, illustrate the journey maps, detect the pain points, provide solutions, build an action plan, Read More

Customer Experience Impact Hub, GemSeek

The GemSeek CX Impact Hub is a platform that amplifies the human, operational and financial impact of your CX program. The CX Impact Hub allows you to:
– Track the overall financial, operational and human impact of your CX program
– Link satisfaction to financial and operational KPIs and predict how improvement projects will impact your revenue and cost to serve Read More

Agile CX Management, European Customer Consultancy

Over 80% of transformations fail because of systemic resistance. Customer programs start well with a foundation such as a CX masterclass, a strategy workshop or a journey map.
However, efforts required to change the status quo following this foundation work end up being beyond organisational readiness. Read More

Weather Maps ‐ bringing emotion into Journey Mapping, The Ei Evolution

It’s critical for us to understand the real emotions of our customers and employees if we are going to create emotional connections with them. Traditional and typical methods to understand emotions in customer experience are flawed. The Weather Mapping approach designed by The Ei Evolution provides CX practitioners with the rationale, tools, and application advice to uncover real emotions which they can later add to their full journey mapping development. This tool considers neuroscience and psychology and it has been tested in the UK with a major energy provider

Market Responsiveness Index (MRI), MarketCulture Strategies

The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI) is a Customer‐Centric Culture Assessment Tool. A simple, web‐based benchmarking tool to assess your strength of customer culture at a function, business unit and overall organizational levels.
• Measures customer‐centricity in employee behaviors across the eight critical success factors linked to your future business performance. Read More


Customer Experience Masterclass, experience5

A management education seminar on the principles of Customer and Employee Experience.
The event is designed for executives needing to understand the elements of a CX strategy, heads of Marketing or Customer Service who need to initiate or improve the CX program driven by their function, as well as for Customer Experience practitioners who need to learn or expand the skills required for their jobs.
The CX Masterclass has been certified for the comprehensiveness of the agenda as well as the contemporary best practices taught.

Chief Customer Officer, Integria Consult

The 8-module program aimed to give CX experts both theoretical knowledge and practical tools/skills needed to create and manage high-quality customer experience in a company.

This is the first program in Russia that covers all aspects of CX profession, including the role and position of CCO, the benefits of customer centricity,how customer impressions Read More

X Masterclasses, Wilms & Co

A unique series of X MASTERCLASSES for leaders in CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, LOYALTY EXPERIENCE (NPS) and DATA‐DRIVEN EXPERIENCE as well as those that seek the skillset to rally the organisation behind your ambitions through BUSINESS STORYTELLING. Simply invaluable it’s for those companies that seek to lead, and for those individuals that seek to be successful leaders. Read More

ECC CX coaching, ECC

Many CX specialists find themselves leading customer centricity as a sole professional or in a small team, often lacking practical experience and knowledge. Whilst training courses is a great way to familiarise oneself with the key customer centricity concepts, knowledge
application in the real word remains a challenge. Read More

Customer Centric Culture Foundation Course, MarketCulture Academy

Building Customer-Centric mindsets has never been more important
This LIVE online led blended workshop is like no other.
It will provide you with the knowledge to immediately create actions that make a tangible difference in your organization. It will help you develop the business case to gain the buy-in of senior leadership so your CX initiatives are acted upon. Read More


This bitesize session is for all those who are customer facing, and would like to improve their resilience.
If we recruit well, we recruit those who directly serve our customers, who display strong empathy. However, this can come at a personal cost to the front-liner as they can’t help but absorb some of the emotions and pain of their customers. Read More

REBEL: The unconscious customer experience

REBEL: The unconscious customer experience is a 5-day course that will enable you to identify the unconscious factors affecting customer experience. By the end of the course, learners will be able to: Read More

Customer Experience Masterclass, Customer Experience SRL

The Customer Experience Masterclass is a training concept that combines the teory, practical exercises, best practices from real companies and digital tools tat sustain CX projets implementations.Read More