Nobody is an expert at everything

The 100 dimensions of a Customer Institute Assessment cover all aspects of an organization’s journey toward a gold standard CX, EX, or customer support performance. From strategy to culture, from VoC to VoE, from analytics to adaptation – no area is excluded from the thorough assessment you will be performing at your client.

Should you – after joining our initial training for consultants and after careful study of the 100 dimensions and the extensive scoring guide – still feel that you need to boost your skills in one or more dimensions, then the SkillBooster trainings are for you!

Crisp, to the point, modular – SkillBoosters are Executive Consultant Training

For each dimension you decide you need a skill boost for, a member of the Customer Institute leadership team will meet 1-2-1 with you and go over

  • importance of this dimension in the context of the assessment (the why)
  • best practices and methodical foundations (the how)
  • practical advice on what to look for as good or bad during your assessment project (the how much)

Each SkillBooster session lasts for around 45 minutes per dimension, and you can buy sessions in 1, 3, 5, or 10-packs directly from the ticket shop below.

Available exclusively to Certified Assessors

SkillBooster trainings are only available to consultants who have participated in the initial training for a Customer Institute Assessment. Once your ticket purchase is completed, we will contact you to arrange the SkillBooster session(s) at a convenient time for you. All SkillBooster sessions are performed online.

Feel free to mix and match the SkillBooster packs below to buy exactly the number of sessions you want.

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