Become a Customer Institute Authorized Assessor

This training is targeted at consultancies in the customer centricity, employee centricity, and customer support space who plan to use a Customer Institute Assessment as part of their client-directed services.

In this 2-hr method introduction you will learn how to perform a Customer Institute Assessment for your clients. The Customer Institute Assessmenta are available to seasoned CX, EX, or support consultants; hence the training introduces the method, not the skill of consultancy.

You only need to take the introduction training once, so feel free to take it any time soon or closer to your first client assessment. After successful participation in the introduction training, you will be referenced as a Customer Institute Authorized Assessor on our website so that clients from your region seeking to perform an assessment can find you as one of our capable partners.

We will also refer assessment requests reaching the Customer Institute directly from your region to you whenever there is fit.

The successful completion of this training is a pre-requisite to perform the Customer Institute Assessments.

Deliverables of this 2-hour training include:

  • Introduction of the assessment methodology
  • Hand-out of tools needed to perform the assessment:
    • Questions catalogue sample with 10 categories with 10 dimensions each = 100 assessment dimensions
    • Scoring and interview template
    • Consultant handbook sample with process explanations and a complete scoring guide for the 100 assessment dimensions
    • Management report-out template
    • other templates as needed
    • Introduction of the Customer Institute support offerings to help you with your assessment project.
    • Introduction of the certification process during with the assessed organization can earn certification as a Customer Institute Certified Organization.

After competing this training, you will set-up to immediately start Customer Institute Assessment projects with your client.

Please note that – by attending this training – you do not acquire any intellectual property in the tools and methods introduced. The Customer Institute Assessments and all its related material and templates is the sole property of the Customer Institute. A license fee per assessment performed applies.

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