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Wilms & Co B.V.

A unique series of X MASTERCLASSES for leaders in CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, LOYALTY EXPERIENCE (NPS) and DATA‐DRIVEN EXPERIENCE as well as those that seek the skillset to rally the organisation behind your ambitions through BUSINESS STORYTELLING. Simply invaluable it’s for those companies that seek to lead, and for those individuals that seek to be successful leaders.

The X Masterclasses are comprehensive, challenging and set you up for immediate action. The Masterclasses are an intense 2 days of blended learning and cover the entire width of your expertise. But we’re not stopping there as we are setting you up for much, much more. In a group of international peers you’ll not only learn the in-depth theory but also trends and developments, the latest thinking, offbeat views and especially how you can make it all work in your organisation. Given by trainers that actually held high positions in large corporate companies designing and running CX and NPS programmes and supported by thought leaders in Research and Data Science, these Masterclasses are far from textbook only. You’ll learn how to deal with the unruly business life, stakeholder management and navigate political pitfalls.
Because we want you to be successful.

Each X Masterclass can be taken individually and are for all industries and all companies. They are available as Open House or tailored as In-company training. And they’re given virtually (online) as well as live all over the world from Moscow to Dubai and Seattle to Amsterdam.

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